Jesus and the Name of God

This is a discussion between a brother named Paul and me. He takes the stand that Jesus is a created being and that actually he should be addressed as Yeshua rather than Jesus. I disagree on both counts, although I have no disagreement with brethren who wish to refer to Jesus by his Jewish pronunciation. I merely see no problem with using the English translation of the Greek Iesous. Below is our discussion on this matter.


12 responses to “Jesus and the Name of God

  1. Paul

    October 28, 2014 at 15:29

    Thank you Eddie for your testimony….

    I spoke very shortly of my life and the things I have experienced….
    but I didn’t touch on the gifts I have been givin….
    Yahaveh gives to his children…
    I am a dad to 6 children with my wife of 21 years….I also have 3 other children…all are beautiful healthy and happy…
    I was given the gift of art….I can Draw…paint, sculpt, carve, and tattoo which I have been doing now for 27 years….but have been drawing for as long as I can remember…
    I have been called the best artist this country has ever seen….
    I have never met anyone who could draw or paint quite the way I can….

    I dont brag for myself but I know my gifts are from above…

    I glorify Yahaveh for all that he has givin me

    I would like you to check out my page and see my art for your self….

    and yes for God so loved the world that he gave his first begotten son that who ever believes upon him should not perish but have ever lasting life.

    but if he loved the “world” why does he say if you have the love of the World you do not have the love of the Father….

    it is a rhetorical question…it shows that when the words are translated they are not always perfect….we must look behind the words into the meaning of them…

    such as “Thou shall not kill”

    but yet God says to Noah Gen 9:3 “every moving thing that lives shall be food for you….”

    if we are not supposed to “kill”
    than what? how do we eat?

    because a better translation of “thou shall not kill”

    would be “Thou shall not Murder”

    I would love to sit and talk with you….

    I have a feeling it would be an interesting convo….

    as far as “churches” go I have my own…..

    God has givin me so much and I know he has even bigger planes for me.



    • Eddie

      October 29, 2014 at 07:12

      Thank you for your testimony, Paul. I enjoyed perusing your art. I especially liked the ones of baby feet and hands. I was struck with the idea that a parent would tattoo them on his or her body as a permanent testimony of love. I agree that the Lord has given you a wonderful talent to express yourself and him in ways most people cannot.

      I’m glad to understand you attend a good church, whether you meant by “your own” one you are the minister or one you call your own. It is good to worship with folks of like faith. It is difficult to worship alone.

      Concerning your rhetorical questions, I agree if we got together that our conversation would be quite interesting. We may not agree on everything, but I’m sure we would share a common bond of love for one another and our Savior. You seem like a person who embraces life aggressively and hopefully and have adjusted well in your adult life, considering what you shared with me concerning your childhood. I’m glad to see that.

      Lord bless you, Paul.


  2. Paul

    October 25, 2014 at 00:40

    me again :-)

    I want to touch base on what I was saying about a name having power…..

    if you and I were in a room full of people, and I wanted to get your attention…I would call your name…I have power over you…… to get your attention…..

    satan is the god of this world….you know this…..he has done everything in his power to confuse men….most importantly he (satan) knows the scripture better then you or I….

    he knows people are more likely to follow then lead so he changed just enough of the bible IE God and his sons name…to make people confused….to cause divisions….

    remember the scripture that says…”ravenous wolves will come among you….”

    acts 20:29 “for I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. 30 Also from among yourselves men will rise up speaking perverse things to draw away the disciples after themselves.

    this shows that truths have been changed…. lies were gonna be told…..they have been teaching lies since Yeshua’s resurrection, they are being taught as truths…. and have been for a very long time.


    • Eddie

      October 25, 2014 at 07:19

      Hello again! Paul, the saying goes: “a rose by any other name would remain a rose.” That’s true. God, by any other name would remain God. By any name folks choose to call me, I remain who I am. What kind of God would judge people for not pronouncing his name properly? Does that sound like a loving God to you?

      Concerning “ravenous wolves”, they have to do with us getting off on tangents and not clinging to our relationship with our Savior. Some false teachers would have us believe trying to be good (law) makes us worthy in God’s sight, but God sought us out simply because he loves us. When we were at our worst–the enemies of God–God loved us and sent his Son to save us from ourselves. We are ignorant, and true knowledge comes only from him. We cannot find God on our own; he comes to us first–wakes us up, so to speak, and then we go looking for him. No one will ever do it on his own. This is why your life and mine are such miracles–God came to you and me and woke us out of our sleep, and we both began on a wonderful journey getting to know our true Parent–our Savior God. Anyone or anything that takes our eyes and our time away from that is a false teacher or an idol.

      Lord bless you, Paul — keep your eyes upon the one who loves you and you cannot fail.

    • Paul

      October 27, 2014 at 18:50

      he will not Judge us for mispronouncing his name….I dont mean to imply that if I did….

      my point is we need to call him by name, and Yeshua….

      Yeshua said satan is the god of this world…if you do not know Yahaveh’s name or Yeshua’s…..

      and you call upon “god” who are you actually calling upon????

      isnt satan gonna lead most of the world into the pit?
      the entire world receives the mark of the beast…except those who are Yahavehs’ chosen….

      it was nice talking with you and your last reply was wonderful btw….

      I wish you all the best


    • Eddie

      October 28, 2014 at 04:50

      Greetings Paul it is good to hear from you again.

      If you believe Jesus should be called Yeshua, that’s fine. You would then need to refer to our Savior by that name. However, Jesus is the English translation of the Greek, which is yet another translation of the Aramaic/Hebrew. It is the same name in a different language. I see no reason why I should change how I refer to the one who saved me. I’ve been calling him by the name “Jesus” since I was a little boy. I’ve learned to trust in that name, and I pray in that name.

      Certainly, the one we call Satan was the god of the world during the time the New Testament was written. The question is: “Has he continued to be the god of this world to this day?” Revelation 11:15-19 shows Christ takes over the reign over the nations of this world, and the nations are angry when he does. When Christ begins to reign, Satan is chained an placed in the bottomless pit (death) for a period of time (Revelation 20:1-3). Revelation 12:12 tells us that the dragon (Satan) knew he had only a short time after he was cast to the earth. Jesus tells us that he was cast to the earth during his ministry on earth (Luke 10:18), which puts Revelation 12:12 in perspective. The dragon (Satan), knowing he had but a short time left (Revelation 12:12) gave his power and authority to the Beast (Revelation 13:1-3), which is one or more of the nations who are angry when Jesus begins his reign over them (Revelation 11:15-19).

      The point is, Paul, that things may not be as they seem. Prayer to God gets to God, whether or not Satan is the god of this world. We know this, because God looks upon the heart, and Jesus tells us that if we ask for bread he won’t give us a stone (Luke 11:11-13). In other words, we may not say or even know the right words, but God answers us according to our hearts (cp. Romans 8:26).

      Lord bless you, Paul.


  3. Paul

    October 24, 2014 at 23:33

    first I wanna say thank you…for your time.

    second it is YHVH NOT YHWH the “W” is translated wrongly from the V that’s why Catholic’s will call God “Yahweh” no “W” in the Hebrew language….. also no “J”….. that is also wrongly translated from “Y”

    I want to give you a bit of understanding on what and who I am…..

    you know Yahaveh says only those who see the Light are the ones HE chooses right????

    I did not grow up in religion….I did not go to bible school or any of that…actually just the opposite…

    I was born in 1969…my mother left me at 6 months old….and I grew up with an extremely violent dad, he met a woman who was to become my step mother….
    she moved in when I was 5…

    by time I hit 22 years old…. I had already done 10 years in jail….

    I was physically and mentally abused by those who were supposed to Love me…
    at 12 years old I was kidnapped and held against my will by a child pedophile…I escaped on my own for no one was looking for me…

    I went to prison at 18 years old….and finally got out at 22….most my juvenile life I was incarcerated…

    I became a man who was very feared by the public, I was full of hate and rage….hated God..
    hated myself…. hated everyone…..

    but especially did I hate God…..I was a drug dealers collector….everywhere I went people were afraid….

    and then one day I happen to see my Daughter being born…..

    I felt Love for the first time I could remember…I did not know what I was feeling…so I became worse…I was scared…but I kept feeling a calling to the Bible and Yeshua….like many I called him by the name he is most known jesus…..

    I started to study every bible I could…started to study Hebrew….. finding out that Gods name is Yahaveh…..and our Savours name being Yeshua.

    now I am 45 years old and still feel his call every day…every moment….

    God has called me to be his warrior….to speak out against all false religion…to help people point their way to the truth….

    I hope you will read what I say and see that I wish only for you to have understanding….

    man has distorted and twisted religion…… ALL religion………

    in these last days it is imperative that everyone has a chance to except or deny the truth.



    • Eddie

      October 25, 2014 at 07:03

      Paul, hello once again and thank you for your visits to me. I pray you will increase in all knowledge and power in the Spirit of God.

      Your life history is a testimony to the powerful love of God, and I praise God for you, and for the time you spend with me here. Are you involved in a good church environment? All of God’s children need to be with his family–seeing one another and speaking to one another. You didn’t have a good family as you were growing up; I hope you give God’s family a try. He is a much better Father and Brother.

      Since you offered me a bit of your history, I’ll offer you a bit of mine. My mother is still living; my father is not. I love them, but my father was very strict, and I still feel estranged from both of them especially my father. I was never quite good enough for him. Your abuse was much worse than mine, but I know some of what you feel. I was raised Roman Catholic, and due to the turmoil that developed over my father committing adultery with another woman, I changed my religion. It was more of an attack against him than seeking truth, although truth had something to do with it.

      As it turned out I chose a very abusive religion. Most Christians would call it a cult. God introduced me to my bride of over 40 years there. We still love one another, but she is better at it than I am, because due to my family history, I have problems loving people properly. I often say and do the wrong things and have many regrets and failures. I have two daughters, my eldest is a few years younger than you. Both of my daughters are married to two men who treat them as I had always prayed their husbands would. They married in the Lord and are involved in good churches.

      I left the “cult” just before the birth of my youngest daughter. A well meaning pastor of a church wouldn’t believe I was a Christian, so I ended up hating all churches and tried to live as a Christian alone. I was a complete failure, and if I didn’t return to God, I have no doubt I would have left my family. I thought about it several times during those years away from God. When God decided to turn me around he did. Long-story-short, we ended up moving from the city to the country and within a year I got involved in a church not far from my home. I remained there since the Easter season of 1986. I have no Biblical training except for what the Lord reveals to me in my studies, but I became a teacher in a Sunday school environment from about 1987-8 onward. First with they young people as old as my daughters, and finally with older people as old as myself and beyond. I will be 69 next month. I love sharing God’s word with others in an environment like the one I have at church, and I also like to do so in a blog such as this one. God has led me in both areas.

      I still make many mistakes and hurt others when I don’t mean to. Love seems so confusing at times. I think it means one then and find out it means another. Nevertheless, the Lord his helping me to understand more and more, and I am grateful for that. I can’t wait for the day that memories don’t bring pain, and tears of sorrow with be changed to tears of joy. But, the Lord has seen fit to keep me here for a little while longer. I have to believe it is for a good reason, but I’d rather be with him.

      As for the truth, I see the truth being Jesus Christ and him crucified. Truth is not found in the pronunciation of his name but in the calling out of his name. The disciples were called by several names, Jesus gave Simeon the name Peter and others were called by different names (Matthew was called Levi; Thomas was called the twin etc.). The important thing is that they knew when people were speaking to them no matter what name was used. I am known by several names, my given name, a nickname acquired in my youth, a name my co-workers gave me and a name some call me simply because I began a blog. I even answer to “hey you” when folks don’t know what to call me. The truth, Paul, is Jesus Christ, and him crucified, and if we believe that the Father raised him from the dead, the Bible says we are saved. I pray you understand this fully.

      Lord bless you, my brother.

  4. Paul

    October 24, 2014 at 17:31

    hello and thanx for responding….

    I doubt everything when it comes to man, and everyone who “teaches”

    I guess the fact that Yeshua being called the light over and over again doesn’t point you to the truth of it…
    it seems quite obvious to an uneducated guy like me.

    yes everything was created through Yeshua….
    how that happened I do not even begin to try to understand.

    just as my children were me….. before they were conceived Yeshua was with Yahaveh…
    just in a spiritual form….

    that scripture in Corinthians shows that Yahaveh is ABOVE Yeshua…..
    Yahaveh our creator puts all things under Yeshua’s feet…. ALL things excepting the creator himself.

    making them separate.

    now… why we should call him by is proper name…… because a name has power……satan in his devious ways knows this and knows that he can not speak our Saviors and Our Creators real name so he changed them both….to suit his need.

    I am sure I dont need to school you in the fact that Yahavehs name is mentioned over 6000 times and he says we must invoke him as YHVH….Yahaveh……that is his name for all generations.

    Yahaveh says that “we follow men’s tradition before we follow his laws”

    it is a tradition NOT to call God by name even though he TOLD us to….

    the world and religion is full of lies spewed forth from satan…..
    I am sure you know he spews forth a flood from his mouth…..

    I am not here to argue or debate with you….I just call it the way I see it………

    I have been chosen by Yahaveh to spread his name….and the importance of using their names….

    I wish you to pray on it …..ask him…… ask Yahaveh for an answer…..

    one last thing….not sure if you follow the whole “cross” thing….but what is the second commandment?

    cross in its original language meant stake….(he never actually died on a cross it is a pagan symbol brought into the early days of Christendom by the new roman christens)

    that was his implement of death…do you really think he is OK with people using a pagen symbol for him?

    the second commandment is to not make any idols of what is in heaven or what in on the earth or what is below the earth…..

    the cross has become the biggest idol of all time and is a direct insult to our savior and our Father.

    anyways I hope this finds you in good health in these last days

    I am sorry if I am to blunt or course….

    well….. not really :-)


    • Eddie

      October 24, 2014 at 22:20

      Greetings Paul, and thank you again for taking part in this discussion.

      I guess the fact that Yeshua being called the light over and over again doesn’t point you to the truth of it…
      it seems quite obvious to an uneducated guy like me.

      I hesitate to draw conclusions on my own. I prefer to let the Bible show me what it means. Of course, this isn’t always possible, but in this case, I believe the Bible is very clear. For example, John says God is Light (John 1:5) and that the one who became Jesus (the Word) is God (John 1:1). Paul goes on to say that when the one who became Jesus dwelt in his original form that he was equal with God or the Father (Philippians 2:5-6).

      yes everything was created through Yeshua…. how that happened I do not even begin to try to understand.

      Neither am I saying that I know how God created all that exists, but you even admit above that everything was created through Jesus. John 1:3 claims that absolutely nothing — not one thing — was created without the Word (Jesus). If this is so, then Jesus could not be a created being for the simple reason that **everything** was created through him.

      that scripture in Corinthians shows that Yahaveh is ABOVE Yeshua…..
      Yahaveh our creator puts all things under Yeshua’s feet…. ALL things excepting the creator himself.
      making them separate.

      I don’t claim that the Father and Jesus are not separate, but they are one in the same sense that Adam and Eve were one.

      Concerning 1Corinthians 15:27, the scripture is speaking of Christ, or his office as Messiah and the fact that he has become man. The Messianic throne is the highest human throne but it is not as high as the throne of God. As Messiah, the one who became Jesus must submit to the Father, because not only is this a good example for us, but we are invited by Christ to sit with him on his throne (Revelation 3:21), and **we** are not invited to sit with God on his throne, but did you notice in Revelation 3:21 that Jesus is invited to sit with the Father on his throne? Not only is this true but Revelation 22:1, 3 tells us that this throne of God is called the throne of God and the Lamb. In other words throughout eternity the Father and Jesus will exercise the same authority, just as it was before the Son of God became man.

      now… why we should call him by is proper name…… because a name has power……satan in his devious ways knows this and knows that he can not speak our Saviors and Our Creators real name so he changed them both….to suit his need.

      The problem with your statement above is it has no biblical support. Nowhere does the Bible claim the enemy either cannot speak the name of God or that he changed God’s name to suit his need. This seems to be something you’ve made up, unless you are quoting from a teacher of your own. I don’t think I have to defend my position since all you offer here is your opinion. Jesus = Yeshua; one is the translation of the other.

      I am sure I dont need to school you in the fact that Yahavehs name is mentioned over 6000 times and he says we must invoke him as YHVH….Yahaveh……that is his name for all generations.

      By what authority do you say Yahaveh is the correct name of God? The vowels were inserted millennia later. All we have is YHWH and that cannot be pronounced by anyone. If one tries to pronounce YHWH all that comes out of one’s mouth is breath. I tried it while studying the pronunciation of the Hebrew letters. There is a school of thought that vowels were never to be placed in the name, that YHVH is the correct spelling of God’s name. If this is so, you whole argument is moot.

      one last thing….not sure if you follow the whole “cross” thing….but what is the second commandment?

      The second commandment is Love one’s neighbor as oneself. You seem to be speaking of the 10 commandments of Exodus 20 or Deuteronomy 5 (I see you mention it later in your reply). Anyway, we are not under law except to love God and our fellow man. Love is the only law one needs, because it fulfills or completes all other legitimate law.

      Concerning the **cross**, I don’t bow down and pray to it, so it is not an idol. Nevertheless, the official means of execution by Rome was the cross. Jesus, more than likely, carried a cross-beam to the site of the crucifixion on Mt. Olivet and was first nailed to it and raise upon a palm tree and the cross beam was tied to it. The Old Testament said cursed is he who hangs upon a tree. The Roman form of execution fulfilled that scripture. I am aware that the Greek word is stake. I am told (I’m not a Greek linguist) that there is no word for cross in the Greek language and this is the closest one comes in the Greek to the Roman “crux”.

      I don’t mind your straightforward manner. You are not at all offensive to me.

      Lord bless you, Paul, as you continue to serve our Lord as the Spirit teaches you.

  5. Paul

    October 23, 2014 at 14:30

    I just discovered this page and after reading some….I decided to comment…I dont normally do this.

    I am wondering if you Love our Creator and our Savior so much why you insist on using satans name for the Messiah?

    or maybe you just dont understand that “jesus” is not our Saviors name… is a translation of a translation….Yeshua is our Saviors name……

    I am confident if you truly Love our Savior you will search and find the truth about what I speak of…..

    and one last thing I wont unload all that i see here but this last one is Kinda important…..

    you say that “jesus” Yeshua is the creator…….

    of this you could not be more wrong,Yeshua is a creation like us…he is Yahavehs’ first creation…
    when God said “Let there be light” he created his first begotten son….the light…the truth… the way….he is our God because Yahaveh lays all at his feet….

    read Corinthians 15:27

    there are many verses which dispel the lies of satan….let knowledge increase……



    • Eddie

      October 24, 2014 at 07:29

      Greetings Paul, and thank you for stopping by to read my blog and to leave some thoughts of your own. It is my pleasure to reply to your questions and statements.

      Concerning my love for my Creator and Savior, why would you doubt it? I don’t doubt yours. I know you have no proof that the name **Jesus** is another name for Satan. You are simply making a statement you cannot prove. While I understand why some folks like the name “Yeshua”, I prefer the name by which I first came to know my Savior. It seems odd to me that there would be so much ado over how his name should be spoken. After all, he sent Jews out into the nations to preach the Gospel to everyone. Different nations have different languages. Jesus happens to be how English speaking nations pronounce his name, and I am not ashamed of that name. If you cannot prove your statement, I won’t be induced to change my love for that name.

      Concerning Jesus being God and Creator, we know this from John 1:1-3. Nothing was created without it being done through the Word (who became Jesus in John 1:14). You have absolutely no proof of you statement that Jesus was created when God said “Let there be light.” If you do, present it, and I will be corrected. I don’t see how 1Corinthians 15:27 makes your point. Perhaps you would like to elaborate and show exactly how it does. If you could, I would be grateful. After all, who really wants to preach error? I don’t.

      Lord bless you as you seek to understand his word.


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